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  • Bamboo Suction Bowl
  • Bamboo Suction Bowl
  • Bamboo Suction Bowl
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Bamboo Suction Bowl

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These products are:

  • Sourced from high quality, FDA-certified materials- 100% food-grade silicone & natural beechwood. Beechwood treated with vegetable based oils only.
  • BPA, lead, plastic & phthalate free. Non- toxic.
  • Soft & flexible spoon- no sharp or dangerous edges, extra gentle on teething gums.
  • Lightweight & easy to hold for those learning to self- feed or toddlers who almost have mealtime mastered!
  • Naturally antimicrobial materials make cleaning easy!

Silicone is a non-toxic material, meaning it won’t leach chemicals in to our bodies, but just as importantly, it won’t leach chemicals in to our planet or oceans. Made from silica, a by-product of sand, it is much more durable and long-lasting than any plastic so its life-cycle will be greater.

This set includes:

  • Two spoons in your chosen shade- pale pink, pale blue or grey
  • 100% natural cotton EcoCubs drawstring bag


Care Instructions:


♡ Keep cleaning simple! Wipe with mild soap & water and allow to dry.

♡ Ensure fully dry before storing

♡ Sometimes with wooden products after time they need a little TLC. To refresh them, it's super easy! Simply apply a small amount of oil (such as coconut or olive)– leave for 30mins & wipe off excess.