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  • Daily Gratitude Cards for Kids
  • Daily Gratitude Cards for Kids
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Daily Gratitude Cards for Kids

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Growing Kind is the home of #dailygratitude : Encouraging children to focus on the positive aspects of life and have a growth mindset
Consider the Daily Gratitude as part of your parenting and/or education toolkit that inspires and encourages children to practise gratitude each and everyday  During your group time, or right before bed; pull out these cards and get inspired.   
The Daily Gratitude for Kids cards are perfect to inspire daily reflection and help children develop a positive attitude, in just a few minutes a day. Based on mindfulness research, it uses daily guided sentence starters to help kids focus on the good in life.
Growing Kind’s #dailygratitude are designed by Early Childhood Teacher & Mindfulness Educator and are suited for children from 4 years to approximately 14 years.
There are 30 prompts (single sided), that can be used in multiple ways:
  • one per day at home
  • each child taking turns in a classroom
  • random draw
Card features also include:
  • Printed on environmentally friendly paper with a gloss laminate and rounded corners to withstand little grubby hands. We chose the thickest 100% recycled paper to sustain planet Earth.
  • Each card measures 13 x 9cm
  • They come packaged in a fair-trade, canvas keepsake bag.
Researched, designed and written by Amie Hankinson. First Published in 2019.
Amie is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, Mother, and Creator/Director of Growing Kind.
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Did you know …
The World Health Organisation estimates that in the next 10 years depression will become the leading cause of disability worldwide- more than heart disease, cancer or obesity. Teaching our children kindness, compassion and resilience is critical!