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  • Sensory Crumb - Mud
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Sensory Crumb - Mud

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Crumb ; Soft like playdough with a crumby like texture. 

Sensory crumb can be used in so many different ways. Use a rolling pin or scraper to smooth it out for stencils or finger tracing or scoop it up and mould it in your hands . Sensory crumb is strong enough to mould into shape and to set back down with out falling apart . Hide fossils inside and mould it into a ball for your little ones to explore with our wooden tools. 

Our crumb is made at home and completely “taste safe”. I don’t think it will taste “very nice” however if it is consumed it will NOT hurt your littles . 

Keep your crumb stored in an airtight bag or jar in a dark place . Once your littles have finished playing simply pour back into your storage choice and put away for next times play. 

Comes in a 500g resealable bag.