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  • Beechwood and Silicone Spoons set of 5
  • Beechwood and Silicone Spoons set of 5
  • Beechwood and Silicone Spoons set of 5
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Beechwood and Silicone Spoons set of 5

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These products are

  • Sourced from high quality, FDA-certified materials- 100% food-grade silicone & natural beechwood.
  • BPA, lead, plastic & phthalate free. Non- toxic.
  • Soft & flexible spoon- no sharp or dangerous edges, extra gentle on teething gums.
  • Lightweight & easy to hold for those learning to self- feed or toddlers who almost have mealtime mastered!
  • Naturally antimicrobial materials make cleaning easy!

This set includes

  • Five spoons in five soft pastel shades- blue, green, yellow, pink, purple
  • 100% natural cotton EcoCubs drawstring bag

Why do we love them for our family?

Silicone is a naturally antimicrobial material, with low taste and low odour, and poses no risk to our bears. It’s also temperature resistant and won’t act as a heat conductor, which means it’s not going to become hot to touch. It provides the perfect soft and smooth surface to soothe little gums. With no sharp or rough edges, its flexible natures make exploring new foods and textures fun!

Combined with natural beechwood handles, these spoons are lightweight and easy to hold. Great for bubs who are just weaning on to solids or little ones who are learning the art of self-feeding!

Silicone is a non-toxic material, meaning it won’t leach chemicals in to our bodies, but just as importantly, it won’t leach chemicals in to our planet or oceans. Made from silica, a by-product of sand, it is much more durable and long-lasting than any plastic so its life-cycle will be greater.

It is also a recyclable material! Having said this, Australia is a little behind in our ability to recycle it so at EcoCubs we are offering a program. Send your silicone back to us (we’ll pay the postage!) and we’ll ensure it is appropriately recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Beechwood on the other hand is a totally naturally occurring material. It is non-treated, finished with vegetable-based oils only. So when you’re finished with these spoons, you can detach the handles and pop them in the compost or ground without any ill effect!