Sorting Tray
Sorting Tray

Sorting Tray

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No one wants loose parts scattered all around, enter our sorting tray!
Made from 12mm sustainable radiata pine plywood, our sorting tray has 12 sections that are big enough to hold whole sets of Grapat mandalas, large quantities of shells or leaves, or anything that your child enjoys collecting and sorting.
A sorting tray is a great way to neatly display a large variety of loose parts for your child. With large, deep sections, the tray will be able to hold a lot of loose parts, and will be big enough that your child will easily be able to grab things out, without getting frustrated by needing to use a pincer grip.
The sorting tray teaches organisation and grouping, allowing your child to place loose parts in relevant sections as they learn.
460mm long
348mm wide
Each section is 75mm deep
Recommended for children aged 3+
WARNING: The sorting tray can be heavy, especially when it is full. Please ensure it is placed on flat surface, on the ground to avoid a child be able to pull it down on themselves.
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