About Us

We are a South Australian family who are passionate about finding ways to ensure our footprint is small. 
My name is Kristy and I am the creator of Little Sunshine Kids. I have always been environmentally conscious, however when I fell pregnant with my first son Lenny in 2017, I was shocked to discover the amount of plastic and single use items that are available, and widely used and considered the norm, when raising children. Determined to try to keep our impact on the Earth low while raising a family, I began researching cloth nappies, and things snowballed from there!
Now having two children (Alby came along to join our tribe in 2019) we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and raise happy and healthy children at the same time.
I am now wanting to share my love for quality, beautiful, ethical and environmentally friendly childrens items with others, and thus Little Sunshine Kids was born. I will continue to strive to find brands and products that are for us - and you, the eco-conscious folk - to enjoy without, quite literally, costing us the Earth. 
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Kristy x