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Magnetic Objects & Letters

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Fall in love with our range of beautifully illustrated picture magnets and uppercase alphabet letters.

Each bright, fun picture magnet featuring animals, objects, food, vehicles and more, also includes the name of the object next to the picture - helping children identify words alongside pictures. 

Each Curious Columbus box is packed with 2 full sets of A-Z magnetic picture objects. Plus every kit includes a full set of A-Z uppercase letters for word matching and spelling. Our magnetic objects are sized between 2"and 3" tall and letters are sized 1. 6" tall - just the right size for little hands and fingers!

Curious Columbus magnets are made from the thickest, chunkiest and most compact foam which helps to create a more tactile learning experience. Printed in vivid Pantone colours, kids just love the bright and eye catching colours and illustrations.

Moms and dads will love the full rubberised magnetic backing - Not only are they super strong, but there’s no little magnets to risk being lost, or worse swallowed.

Suitable for 3+ years